Thankz Alot (TZA)

Greetings to all members of the Vado Nation I come bearing great news. Our very own General KIzz Daniel A.K.A Vado D’Great just released a 4 track beast of an E.P. aptly named “Thankz Alot” as his way of saying thank you to his for the love and support all through his ten years on stage.

“Thankz Alot” features the following tracks, “Sooner”, “Showa”, “Too Busy to Be Bae”, and “Twe Twe”. With the beauty that was “Too Busy to Be Bae” and “Twe Twe” which has a remix wih Davido, and the snippets I’ve heard of “Sooner” and “Showa” it’s safe to say that the general has done it again.

With a habit of releasing no bad songz whatsoever, the “Thankz Alot” E.P. is truly a treat for all lovers of good music.

Here’s the link to this masterpiece:
Click Here

Don’t forget to share this beauty with friends and well-wishers, and please enjoy the E.P. respectfully, as for me “my own neighbors don tire for me” because I just can’t get enough of it.

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